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Curvy Women


Long ago when media is not yet in existence, Palaeolithic men highly prized curvy women because these kind of women signify plenty, well being and the ability to survive hard times. it’s clear that being curvy is considered to be beautiful. Classical painting and depictions of Venus (a Roman goddess) show her as a voluptuous curvy woman.

He watched the beautiful curving drop of her haunches. That fascinated him to day. How it sloped with a rich down slope to the heavy roundness of her buttocks! Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by D. H. Lawrence (Written in 1928.)

The heavy roundness of Lady Chatterley’s backside seems to be wholeheartedly approved of by her lover. Again, it’s hard to imagine this being used as a compliment today but throughout history, women have been considered beautiful when they have rounded, full bottoms and curvy figures in general. Todays trend is to have a big booty as they say in America and pay vast amounts to have it.

Ladies are like country roads the best ones have curves xx

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